Book Club=Wine Club…let’s be honest!


A couple years ago I was sitting around with my good friend Shana-banana (drinking wine of course) and we were discussing our love for books. We both had thought about creating a small book club of people that also enjoyed reading. So together, during our wine discussion, we put our heads together and made one group-mixed up of both our friends- for book club. Now, I don’t know if it was the wine enhanced delirium or what but our group became the most eclectic and varied group of women. We have seen a few people come and go within our group just due to motherhood, moves, work, etc. but we still have the occasional “I can Skype in” which makes us all giggle a little (that does not tend to work out well.) We are usually eight to ten people strong and this group of women have become some of my favorite people in the world. We all have very diverse backgrounds as well as favorite genres for our reading pleasures but THIS is exactly why I love this book/wine club and why it works! Together with Shana-banana we brought together women that would probably not know one another but have grown from our differences and created some strong friendships. These ladies ROCK!

We meet monthly, have a standing date and everyone brings a dish to share and a bottle to drink. We always discuss the book we were to have read (if that happened) and rule is -watch out for spoilers- because we are going to discuss EVERYTHING whether you got your shit read or not! We have Skyped with authors, which was super cool! Maria was awesome-read Mr. Wicker-I promise you will not be disappointed.

Usually it becomes a night just for friends to come together, share what is happening-good or bad- and drink, eat, and most definitely LAUGH. I think humor is the glue that keeps us together. We crave our time together, we create themes, special food to share, special drinks, and we mix up the types of books we pick to read. It has become an evening, that most of us look forward to and most miss when we have to detour around life’s complications. Our time together once a month is our time to sit, relax, find support if needed, bounce ideas off each other and just be in fabulous company. I love these women. They are my rock, my outlet for strength, and my people. I cannot wait to see them Thursday! I am making special little token surprises for them. Homemade Poo~Pourri, “the classy, sassy, ultra-effective way to leave the bathroom smelling better than you found it”-because Girls Don’t Poop! This is the kind of sh*t we share with each other. Don’t you wish you were in my book/wine club?


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