DIY Addiction but who cares!

Hi, my name is Tanja, and I have a do-it-yourself addiction problem.

I honestly believe that this addiction has been a genetic character trait-I think my dad liked to dabble in being creative when he could. I mean he was a genius with duct tape! Since I was little I remember making things, creating an art space, tinkering with dads tools, and always having some sort of project going.

Fast forward to the present and I can honestly say I can most likely build a house, make my own light fixtures, sew anything you need, fix my own car or appliances with the help of Youtube videos, and do nearly anything I put my mind to –(except the heavy lifting. That’s when my stand-in husbands come in: The Jeffs, Bob and Pete- but more on them in a later blog! They rock though and I can ALWAYS count on them-all single ladies need stand-in husbands-TRUST ME)

Furniture DIY Renew and Reuse-you betcha!!! I love finding a very unusual piece of furniture and painting it for a new and refreshed look. I mean sure, you can love a bookshelf with scratches and a honey stain but take said bookshelf, paint it a bright color, add a second color to the back and some cute baskets and BAM…totally new look (this is my current project!) Plus, why pay for a new piece only to scratch it up when you can take a perfectly good piece of old crap and make it awesome. PSA: I accept all pieces of unwanted furniture for projects if you have something to give away.

I am a woman and I love pampering (if I didn’t- I would be a man). What is better than pampering yourself??? Help those you love and need pampering too. I have hosted many wellness days and my BFFs come over, eat, drink, relax and go home with goody bags. I mean seriously! Who doesn’t love a little DIY gift bag full of love made by Tanja? I can make the best aromatherapy bean bags, bath salts and sugar scrubs!

Girls Don’t Poop shown by the gorgeous gal-pal Jenn

I have had MANY successful DIY projects and some that “cannot be named” but nearly 99.8% are total WINS and cost effective. The latest DIY creative project was making a poop stink spray. I mean …Girls Don’t Poop! Geez. I made a dozen bottles of beautiful lemon spray to hide the nasty stink from going potty and gave them to my BFF girls. I love creating and giving silly gifts to my besties and even better…it’s a “just because” gift which brings me joy and happiness to create.

There are so many more projects waiting for me. Now who wants to go to the flea market? I saw this fabulous  idea of making a lamp out of…


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