Birthdays, Bon Jovi and Pajamas

This past weekend I helped my mom clean up and organize an 83rd birthday party for my step-dad who suffers from Alzheimer’s and lives in assisted living. Dealing with a spouse that is older and does not always remember quite who you are is a horrible and unforgiving daily loss so my mother wanted to do something nice for him. We had a lovely pizza luncheon for him with family & friends and then cake & coffee at home. It was nice. I spent the week/weekend cleaning the house and shopping for it so I am pooped and feel like I had no weekend off to relax but whatev. You do what you do for family right! He had a nice party/day and looked happy. He probably won’t remember it today, but we know he enjoyed himself and was not forgotten.

So, I have a good friend that is the head engineer at United Center in Chicago. Super nice guy I met through my brother-in-law and have known him for over 25 years. He sometimes has extra tickets (not often) and I try to swoop in and get them. I saw my friend posted on FB he had 2 free tickets to see Bon Jovi for that nights show and it opens in 1.5 hours and the clock is ticking.

Birthday festivities were finally over, I had already washed my makeup off my face, put on my lounge wear/pjs (obviously took off the bra) and was finally relaxing with the dog in front of the television. Then I see the 2 free tickets. Fuck YES! – I am going to Bon Jovi suckas! Next thought WHO DO I GET TO TAKE WITH ME??? Texted a couple friends that could enjoy it, potentially be ready to leave in about ten minutes, and waited. I head upstairs and say “Mom, I just scored 2 free tickets to see Bon Jovi so…see ya later!” Her first question, “SO…who are you taking”??? It was like looking at a sad little girl who broke her red crayon. “Um mom, would you like to go? But if you do, shake a leg cause this ride is leaving in five minutes”. I think her slow, seriously debated answer was, “I would enjoy seeing my boyfriend and it is my birthday this week”.

5 MINUTES AND COUNTING…Mom was going, (Sorry JZ) and so back on the bra came and off we went with 1 hour until show time-me still in said pjs- no makeup. Nothing cooler (or sillier) than watching my mother sing and dance (arms in the air/ 2-stepping) along to Jon Bon Jovi last night. For a lady that is 71 years “young” on Wednesday ->this lady rocks! We get to the United Center in Chicago and get the tickets from my friend, then of course head to buy a drink. It IS a concert ya know, so an alcohol beverage is mandatory. At least one. Who buys a HENNESSY COGNAC at a concert? MY MOTHER. Yes, she does. Then proceeds to tell the bar man that it is her 71st birthday, she is here to sing with her boyfriend (JBJ), and to make that a heavy pour and my friends all wonder where I get it from. My mom is a pretty cool lady when she gets out of her head and leaves the worries behind.



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