All about Tanja

Hello. I am a wanderlust single mother that decided to move across the country from Illinois to South Carolina because the ocean and energy made me do it. Hurricanes and a horrible job made me realize I made a mistake and moved back to the midwest. I am a freelance writer, educator, herder of cats and dogs, and free spirit.

Welcome to my little piece of the universe where I will discuss the past, present and think about the future. I love to socialize, I am controlled by my dog Winston McFluff the Great Pyrenees, and I am a single mother. I am a spiritualist and believe that we need to listen to the energy around us. I live my life with enthusiasm, which makes for fun adventures and I like to drink wine.

If you read my blog long enough you will most likely get some good recipes, want to travel to strange places, but more than anything be entertained or laugh a little.

Random facts about me:

I am and have been single by choice-could change soon-we’ll see.

I love to read!

I enjoy eating all kinds of food-except lima beans.

When you speak to me I look into your eyes. Maybe it’s because I am a teacher or maybe because my mother taught me to look at the person you are speaking to? Probably because of my mother, she is a strict, but lovely little German lady.

I love to sing-but according to my daughter-shouldn’t. I apologize now if you hear me.

My favorite things: fresh baked bread, the smell of lilac, sitting outside during a rainstorm. I love a great lightening storm…could have been a storm chaser.

I am a sensitive…sense/feel spirits and know when I am not alone.

Live my life to make those around me happy and content.